What is a bully

What is a bully

Bully behavior hurts others aggressively. He/ she is controlling they can hurt you in many ways. Children that bullies are scared, crying out for help.

They may be being bullied by someone else, they feel alone like no one cares about them, they seek attention.

What is a bully, it is mean, hurtful, dangerous, deceitful, heartless, painful, anger, careless, controlling, anxiety, restless, it’s loneliness, young or old, a bully does not discriminate against who their victim will be.

Be the model the example of kindness

a mom, a dad, a brother or sister, a friend. A bully has no race, no sex, no age and is verbal, physical, and/or mental.

A child learns what they are taught, from the moment they are born they start learning they open their eye, they learn to suck on their bottle, they learn to cry if they are hungry or if they need a diaper change, they learn to sit up, walk, and talk.

Children are like sponges they absorb everything, therefore what they hear or see is what they learn, show them love and respect, be their example of kindness. often speak to children letting them know it’s OK for them to tell you anything.

If someone is hurting them or they see someone else getting hurt don’t be afraid to get them out of that situation or go and get help.

Understanding the effects of bullying

Explain what bullying is and how it affects others. The more children know about bullying and it’s effects on someones’ life, then and only then will children understand the importance of telling someone.

When a child is scared the only thing they want to do is hide. what is happening to them,

  • depression starts taking over,
  • children start to distance themselves from others.
  • They feel shame as well as blame.
  • After a while of being bullied over and over children will start to believe the person doing the bullying,
  • When they start saying things like, “
  • it’s your fault,
  • if you weren’t so stupid
  • this wouldn’t be happening to you”
  • you’re stupid, that’s why I don’t like you,
  • you’re ugly, you stink,
  • you’re too fat”,
  • children start to believe these things.

Therefore, they prefer not to tell because they feel shame even if it’s not their fault.

They need to hear it often that it is not their fault the problem is nothing they have done the problem belongs to the person doing the bullying.

He may be a victim himself and his way of dealing with it is by hurting other

Can a friend be a bully

Yes, a friend can be a bully, you will know when they tell you,

  • they don’t want to be your friend because you have another friend.
  • you don’t give them the things that belong to you.
  • They go play with someone else
  • They don’t include you,
  • they say ugly things to you when they are with other kids.
  • They tell others lies about you,
  • say things while pointing at you
  • they laugh at you,
  • when the other kids are gone, your friend wants to play with you again.
  • The other kids appear, your friend doesn’t want to be your, friend, again.
  • Kids need to find new friends if this is happening because that person is not their friend. They can find new friends to play with to do projects with.

Let’s talk about what including mean

to include someone is to invite them to join in making them feel like they are part of something,

  • it could just be a conversation,
  • joining in activities together, or
  • asking them to become part of a group.
  • When someone is included it helps them feel respected, valued for who they are, and as they belong.
  • Include someone who makes a difference.
  • If you notice that someone is alone at recess ask them if they want to join you,
  • if you notice someone is looking for a place to sit invite them to join your group,
  • if you see someone looks scared or sad strike up a conversation,
  • find out if they are OK,
  • talk about you,
  • talk about them,
  • be patient with those that do things a little differently,
  • make others feel respected by the way you interact with them,
  • say good morning to someone walking alone to class,
  • ask someone how their day is going,
  • listen to their answer.
  • Compliment someone sincerely for something they did well.
  • The kid that is alone or looks scared is the one most vulnerable to become victims of bullying, so if you see someone like that make friends with them so they don’t become a victim cause bullies hurt their victim in many ways which could lead to more serious problems for all concerned.

What is a bully,

  • a bully is a boy or girl that make you feel sad,
  • who says and does things to make you feel bad
  • a bully will laugh at you when you make a mistake,
  • they will call you mean names, shove or sock you and make you shake.

Find a grown-up to tell this to,

they will know what’s do.

Bullying leads to suicide

bullying hurts innocent people, the connection between bullying and suicide is staggering, as are the school shootings.

The numbers are alarming. Suicide: the third leading cause of death among young people resulting in about 4,900 per year. For every suicide among young people.

There are about 160 suicide attempts per year, over 15% of high school students have considered suicide, almost 7% have attempted to commit suicide.

Research shows that the ones that are victimized have a higher risk of committing suicide or thinking about committing suicide.

However, not all bullying victims commit suicide. Some victims use their experience to help others that are victimized, to reassure them that suicide is not the only option.

A study done in Britain has found that half of the suicides committed are related to bullying.

Do not become a statistic or let someone you know become one.

Reach out for help, tell someone that you are being victimized, don’t be afraid to tell, or to ask for help.

By Miriam

my name is Miriam Mendoza, I live in Bakersfield California I was born in Ogden Utah, February 1958 I am married to Felipe Mendoza


  1. Amazing article on parents that bully. Sometimes parents do so without relazing they are doing it, especially when it is emotional bullying and not quite as clear as physical. I don’t beleive kids need to ever be disciplined physically and I think in the same time parents should be very carefull they do not push discipline towards emotional abuse without realizing. Great article really, I really appreciate you sharing it, thanks!

    1. Hello Mohammed,thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. I agree with you discipline should not be physical ever or name calling or yelling. That behavior can create a very disturbed child, which can easily lead to bullying behavior.once again thsd7ëq

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