Stop Bullying This is My Story

Stop Bullying-This is my story part1

Stop bullying, look for the signs, that something is wrong. When bullying occurs, the person the bullying is happening to is vulnerable and afraid to tell anyone this is because of the threats they get. Threats are scary and dangerous.

Kids that have been victimized by bullying behavior feel ashamed, powerless and will be afraid to tell someone. Children will bottle their feelings, stay quiet, stay in their rooms, they don’t want to go to school or be with their friends, these are a few of the signs we should look for.

Every 7 to 8 minutes a child is being victimized

Statistics show that every 7 to 8 minutes a child is being victimized by bullying behavior, either by another kid or by a parent/s without anyone being aware of what is happening.

Kids are not just bullied, they have been victimized, they are victims being placed is danger etc. They don’t just stay quiet, they feel shame, powerless, and alone with no one to turn to for help. I can understand why some kids feel like they have no one to talk to or to tell what they are going through. Especially if it happens at home as well.

It’s a struggle

In my story, you will read about a real life long struggle of a little girl that was born for all the wrong reasons, she believed that to be true. It’s a struggle that I endured for many years.

I hope that by sharing my story I can make a difference in someone’s life. (I am not sharing it because I want pity or anything of the sort.

This is my story

This is my story and the bullying I endured both at home and at school left me feeling alone, ashamed and wanting to commit suicide. I believe that the life I lived was to make me a stronger person and to make me a writer of these messages to help others. By being hurt in all the ways possible and being here to talk about it is a big accomplishment for me.

My first memory, eating all the cake

was bullied at home as well as at school. The very first memory of my childhood was when I had to eat the whole cake. I had run in to get something to drink, I was outside with my brother and my aunt we were playing. When going in my younger brother was in the kitchen, he asked me if I wanted some cake, he told me to get a piece from the corner of the cake I told him I’m not going to get in trouble. I drank water and ran outside we were playing hopscotch. My brothers turn and I was next I was in the middle of my game, when I heard my mom call me she sounded angry. I left in the middle of my game.

I got slapped

Standing in front of her and I could see she was angry. She asked me if I had gotten into the cake I answer no, she slapped me so hard across my face and told me I was a liar. The belt was on the counter she grabbed the belt and started hitting me, it seemed like a long time I was on the floor she grabbed me by hair and told me to get the (explicit word) up she nearly dragged me to the kitchen table where the cake was, there with one hand wrapped in my hair and with the other she tore a piece of cake and shoved it in my mouth it got in my nose all over my face she said you want cake bitch? eat it.

Ugly Lying Bitch

Then she told me to sit in the chair and eat the whole cake. I tried to tell her my brother had told me to get some earlier and I told him no, she told me “shut the (explicit word) up you ugly lying bitch” your brother told me you got it and he doesn’t lie. She told me I better eat that whole cake before she came back in the kitchen. It seemed like right after she left the kitchen, my brother and aunt came in the back door. Do you guys want some cake? I asked them, they said yes. I told them to get under the table. It was a small table in the kitchen. The tablecloth was long it reached the floor, that table was only used to put whatever she baked on it. The cake was almost all gone when she came. She told me, finish it all you starved pig, I ate what was left.

Fell and bumped my head

My stomach hurt me so bad. She told me to clean up the mess, wash the pan and go in my room. So I cleaned up everything and started walking slow to my room I didn’t want to be in my room I was walking real slow. She asked me what you can’t walk now? You’re so (explicit word) ugly bitch. When all of a sudden she pushed me, I guess to hurry me up. I fell and hit the frame of the door and made a small gash on my forehead and a big bump as well as all the belt marks. Got myself a wash cloth for my head and hurried to the room. Had a bad stomach ache and a headache.

I went in the room my grandpa was in there he saw my forehead and the belt marks on my arms. He got tears in his eyes when he saw me. He asked me if my mom did it? I just shook my head because in order to tell him I would have to yell that meant my mom would hear me. I crawled in bed behind him he was sitting down reading his bible. My sister and I shared the room with grandpa.

Woke up with a fever and throwing up

I fell asleep for a long time when I woke up I was throwing up and had a fever. Grandpa wanted to go tell my mom, but I told him no because she would hit me again. I’m making hand signs to him so my mom couldn’t hear me. I always tried to be honest and not lie. My grandpa had been telling me all the time, to treat people the way I wanted to be treated. I didn’t like the way my mom treated me.

She called me ugly names pulled my hair and hit me whenever she felt that I was in the wrong or when my siblings said I did something that they did. I always tried to be good so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I stayed a lot of the time with grandpa. He was not going to let my mom hit me.


  1. “I don’t know what to do. I’m scared all the time and when I cry a lot I feel like it makes things worse because he yells obsenities, spitts on me then hits my head so that I knock into walls… It really hurts when he does this. One time I got a big bump and the hair that had been pulled out was stuck on my wound…”

    1. Are you OK? you really do not have to go through that, you can dial 911 and some will come and help you. There are many places you can seek help. A woman’s shelter in your area, women against domestic violence, law enforcement, family or friends, allience against family violance is a really good source. Where are you located. Look into these sources most law enforcement do not tolerate family violence at all. I feel your pain my life has been full of abuse. It was hard getting away. But remember you are the one suffering you need to get out of this situation before it is too late. Some men get so angry they kill their wives visaversa women also have been known to kill their husband’s in a fit of anger. I am so sorry you are going through this. Having been in many abusive relationships I can tell you that the abuser will tell you they’re sorry, I love you, it won’t happen again. Please I promise I will never hurt you again. That only last so long till the next and the next, you are beautiful and you are a strong women, you do not deserve to be treated like that. You need to love yourself enough to say I don’t deserve this. He may try to keep you there. Just try to calm things down and when he leaves or is asleep make your exit, throughout the day gather the most important things you will need because more than likely it will be to dangerous to go back. Your phone might ring many times when you leave, if you answer let him know you are through not to call you anymore. The best thing is to change your number. Don’t go anywhere alone. always make sure you are surrounded by people. He will try to talk so sweet to you. But that is all it is sweet talk.  Don’t fall for it because it could be a matter of life or death. These situation rarely have a good outcome. You’ll want to get as far away from him as possible. Take your life into your hands and make the right choice.  You can also contact me at:

      Take a stance for yourself and know that love does not hurt.

      Love is not violent. Reach out for help. 

  2. Thank you so much for sharing with us a wonderful story. The main theme of this story is to stop threatening or lying. Your story has taken me at its own pace from beginning to end effortlessly. The subject of bullying is so frightening that many children have a kind of effect on their emotions due to bullying. So I would say stop bullying children and teach them a lot with love.

    1. Thank Armanrafsan,

      For your comment. This is my true story,  it continues. I’m sharing it Because many children are still going through this with out having the faintest idea why they are not loved, and why they are being rejectected. There is much more to this story I hope you continue to Read my story. No child, or anyone should have to endure such pain. A child should grow with loving parents in a loving home. This story will surprise many people of how a little girl was strong enough to overcome the bullying and abuse she endured into adulthood no until many years later when I finally decided to stop trusting people that came into my life. Did I get the courage to fight for my life, to be my own person. Now I can write about it and share, the things that have made me stronger. 

      Thank you for your comment I wish you all the best, 


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