Stop Bullying-my Story continued part 2

Bullied by my mother

There were not many days when my mom didn’t hit me. I was bullied by my mother for years. The days she didn’t hit were verbal. She would say ugly things to hurt me. Whatever she was trying to accomplish by treating me the way she did, I wouldn’t know. It was getting close to the time for me to go to kindergarten. I was really excited but scared.

My mom said nobody is going to like you. “You’re fat and ugly” I said nothing back to my mom, went in the room with grandpa. He loved me. My grandpa was my hero. He taught me how speak, read and write in Spanish. He told almost every single day to be good, and to always treat people the way I wanted to be treated. His word have stuck with me Throughout the years.

School clothes from the ugly store

My mom bought me school clothes. I think she went to buy my dresses at the ugly store. She tried every way she could to humiliate me most of the dresses were so ugly to me, but there were 2 of them that I liked. She had gotten me some “leotards” stockings they were called leotards or fishnet stockings.

My stockings were fishnet they had little holes all over I wore one of the dresses that I liked on my first day of school. I was a chunky little girl. My first day of school was fun, but by the time the day was over, there was such a rash between leg. The reason was, being chunky, my inner thighs would rub together, plus the stockings had holes that made it worse. I could hardly stand the pain on my walk home. When I got home I was so relieved that my mom wasn’t home.

I got in the bath tub and sat in there for a long time. It was so soothing and relaxing. Being way to relaxed I stayed in the tub longer than I should have. When all of a sudden I hear my moms voice, I hurried and got out of the tub and put some baby powder and got dressed I got my stuff together and went to my room. But, it was still hard for me to walk because my legs rubbed together and it hurt me.

The next morning for school my mom wouldn’t let me wear pants she made me wear a dress but I stuck some shorts on under my dress. It was always the same thing day after day. If grandpa was sitting on the porch waiting for us to get home, things would be OK. Other days I would get hit just because I existed I hated my life.

Getting through my first year of school

I loved going to school I got to play with my friends and wasn’t called ugly names. It was almost time to get out of school for summer. I was sad didn’t want it to end I made it through my first year of school. Summer was terrible. When mom looked at me, she would say to me how much she hated me. Why was I in her life? Just ugly comments that hurt my feelings. She would tell me I should have died instead of my dad. Would not answer her back cause that gave her all the reason in the world for her to hit me. She would pull my hair and push me down. While my brothers and sister would laugh, they thought it was hilarious.

I was excited

Summer was coming to an end I was excited I was going back to school. I would see my friends again. The most important thing about me going back to school. Was I would be away from my mom all day. Some times she would be gone to bingo. She would make it home in time to make dinner. It was good and especially when she won at bingo. She would give money to my brothers and sister but not to me.

 Spending my time with grandpa was the best for me|ff. My grandpa gave me a quarter almost every day when he sold a few dozens of night crawlers (worms). People bought them to go fishing. I helped him most evening to find worms in the yard. That way I earned my money. 

Being the only child

Being the only child of moms that had a different father I was left of lots of things. Never understood why I was different from my siblings. Never knew my father, he died when I was 2 months old. Mom got married when I was 2 years old, My step-brother who to me was my real brother, not knowing what a step-brother444, knew that he was my brother and my dad was my dad.

 When, mom registered666|[[ school she did it with a totally different name than what was on my birth certificate. The first name was almost the same as my middle name. I grew up with that name never knew my real  another man as being my dad. Not my real dads nor my step dads name was on there.

Summer was over, the day finally came, the day to go back to school. I was so happy. Didn’t even care if she made me wear ugly dresses. I just wanted to go to school. Saw my friends when I got to school. 

 There were 2 different classes for each grade. Kindergarten was the same class room but one was morning and one was afternoon. That was how kindergarten was. 1st thru 6th were two so all my friends were not in my class. We had recess and lunch together. It seemed to take long to get back to school. I cried most of my summer. But that was finally over for[||&d¥5 most of my day. I learned to hide my feelings. 3 days into the school year my life got a lot worse. It was lunchtime recess. And I was running around playing tag with my friends when a boy from the 3rd grade tripped me my friends ran off and left me. I got up my knees and hand were scraped. I had tears in my eyes then he hit me and told me if You tell it would be worse. Peed on myself I was so scared Had no idea why he did that. Had not done anything to him. Went to the office and asked if I could go home. Told them I fell down and accidentally peed on myself they let me go home. My mom was so mad told her I fell and peed on myself so I asked if I could go home. She hit me because I left school. She told you didn’t need to come home cause you Peed she said “you could have stayed at school all peed. And because of that she didn’t let me change my clothes.

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