my grandchild is being bullied

a story sad but so true

My name is Miriam Mendoza. I am a grandma to many meaning my own and kids that just adopted me to be a grandma and I love all of them. There is one little granddaughter that has really been my reason for building this website her name is Hanna she is so soft-spoken and so thoughtful she will share whatever she has, she’s easy to make friends with, was 6 years old, when one day my grandson & I were dropping her and her sister off at school, she said something to me that brought my childhood flooding back to me. She was being bullied just as I had been when I was in kindergarten.

being bullied as a young child

I was a little girl in kindergarten there was a boy,( I’m going to call him Johnny) he was such a bully, he would push me down, knock the books out of my hands. He would call me names, he would trip me, and pull my hair, this happened all the way till the third grade. I would cry because I didn’t know what I did wrong. The very first time he hit me I was so scared I peed my pants, he told me if I told anyone he would beat me up. I did go to the office but to tell them I needed to go home cause I accidentally peed on myself. I went home and told my mom I accidentally peed my pants.


The next morning my mom woke me up to get ready for school, but I lied to her and told her that my stomach hurt me really bad, she told me I was going to school, she left the room and I stayed in bed, when she came to see if I was up, I was still in bed, she got mad and yelled at me to get up before she got the belt. I got up and dressed slowly, my mom told me I better hurry up. Finally, I walked out the door, headed for school a walk that would usually take me from 7 to 10 minutes this day took me 45 minutes I sat in the alley by my house for a long time with a little stick in my hand making circles in the dirt. When I got to school I went to my class teacher told me to go to the office to get a pass to class, and let them know I was at school to get myself off of the absent list.

I blamed myself I did something wrong

I know now that I did nothing wrong, it was he who had the problem. The kids that hung around him just thought it was so funny when the kids laughed, Johnny would do something else to hurt me. He was thriving for attention and the only way he got them to hang around him was doing dumb things to hurt me and making them laugh more. I would go home crying. I always felt alone I was in a very dysfunctional family. I couldn’t tell my mother because for some reason she could not stand me.

memories came flooding back

  • what really brought me to want to help people with the problem of bullying, was a very timid soft-spoken little girl that is very dear to me and I hold her very close in my heart, her name Hanna ( I call her Nanna,) she is my granddaughter. I went with my grandson to drop her off at school one day, and she said in the quietest voice ever “grandma I don’t want to go to school, I turned and looked at her she had this look of terror in her eyes, I asked her why and what was wrong and she told me “the big boy at school keeps hitting me and pushing me” I asked her if she told her mom she said that she did tell her and my daughter had gone to the school. But he kept pushing her. I called my daughter ( I kept my baby home from school that day) and told her that the boy was still bullying her. My daughter left work and went to school and told them again that the boy keeps bullying my granddaughter. The boy was suspended for a few days. when he went to school he had a better attitude and stopped being a bully.

Stop bullying at school-getting educated

  • I want to stop bullying at school. every child deserves a safe place to study, as parents, teachers, caregivers we need to get educated on the subject of bullying so we are able to spot the signs if a child is being bullied but too afraid to tell because of the threats they get from the bully. we also need to find answers as to,
  • why kids bully the younger children at school? and what is being done to stop these older kids from hurting the younger ones?
  • are these bullies getting bullied by older children or other adults?
  • there are so many questions concerning why children bully, questions such as,
  • what is at home?
  • do parents know they are bullying?
  • are the parents’ bullies?
  • do both parents work?
  • is a big brother or sister bullying them?
  • do they get attention at home?

Encouraging the victims to tell someone they will be safe

together I’m sure we can make it to where it is safe at school for them. We need to encourage these kids and let them know that they did nothing wrong and in order to be able to help them they need to tell us, tell the teacher, the principal or security officer, most school now these days have a security officer on the school grounds.

Getting the whole story can be the beginning to the end I am looking forward to helping as many kids as I can, not only the ones that are being bullied but also the bullies, for some reason or other they are seeking attention and I feel that if I can reach out to the bully., he/she may just open up and if I can make a difference in someone’s life then my efforts were with meaning.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or just want to comment feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer you as soon as possible.




By Miriam

my name is Miriam Mendoza, I live in Bakersfield California I was born in Ogden Utah, February 1958 I am married to Felipe Mendoza


    1. thank you for your comment really looking forward to sharing more about stopping bullying, it is something very real that needs to be addressed. many children suffer in school behind bullying and not only children, but it also happens with teens and adults in the workplace.

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