October, National Anti Bullying Awareness Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month!

Schools and organizations across the country observe October as National Bully Month

School and organizations join “stomp” during National bully month the goal is to encourage schools and organizations and communities to work together on stopping bullying and cyberbullying and putting an end to racism and hatred by increasing awareness of bullying among all children of all ages’

World Day of Bullying Prevention Monday, October 5th, 2020

Every year it lands on a different date but the same day, It always the first Monday of October, and this year it landed on the fifth.

Change begins with us

This is your chance to make bullying prevention recognized and heard around the world. Let’s make it better for our kids and their kids.

We have lived in such a way that needs change and the change can only come by us changing to be better than we were yesterday. You can begin to change the culture by putting an end to cyberbullying and bullying.

Be a leader, take action, and don’t let anyone at school be isolated or feel alone. Make friends with someone at school who you don’t know. You probably would have felt more at ease if someone had done that for you. If you have ever felt isolated from others or you went to a new school and it took some time to make friends, then you do know what it feels like to be left out. Even if you have not been through the isolation, just imagine what it would feel like if no one talked to you or left you out of games or anything for that matter. It’s not a good feeling.

This week let’s make a challenge to be kind

This week let’s make a challenge for others to be kind

Let’s make kindness go viral with an act of kindness and challenge friends and classmates to pay it forward with their way of being kind. Make a video of everyone doing their act of kindness and submit it and I will post your videos on my website. Let’s see how many acts of kindness videos we can get, Let’s spread the love of kindness and friendship. During this month there are so many ways to make a difference.

The Week of October,12th

This is the week to stand up for others

When you see others are being bullied, you be the brave one and stand up for them. The person/s doing the bullying has been known to back down when others stand up and help the person being bullied. Although, if you don’t feel safe get the help of an adult quickly. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution.

It’s time to view everybody’s difference and celebrate the similarities, whether a student is Mexican American, Mexican, Asian, Muslim, Caucasian, LGBTQ, tribal descent or disabled make friends. Everyone needs a friend it doesn’t matter what walk of life someone is from or what country they came from.

Everyone has their own story

Everyone has a story to tell. There may be little obstacles that get in the way such as a language barrier or someone cannot hear, speak, or see but that doesn’t make them weird or from another planet. They’re as much as human as every other person and they do need to be respected just as much as you and me.

A Friend

A friend is a person that accepts you just the way you are. That will stand up for you through the good things and the bad things. Someone that does not gossip about you nor listens to others gossip about you. Then there are the ones that say they are your friends but are the first ones to hurt you. They are the ones that stab you in the back by spreading rumors.

  • What kind of friend would you be?
  • what kind of friend do you like to have?
  • how would you feel if your best friend was being bullied?
  • would you stand up for your friend?
  • how would you feel if you were the one being bullied?
  • how would you feel if your friend didn’t try to help you?
  • what would you say to your best friend if they were the ones doing the bullying?

Ask yourself these questions and think about how you can help someone. These are some kids that don’t know how to make friends, they are scared because they may have been bullied or they are not confident in themselves,  having problems at home and afraid someone may find out.

There are many reasons for us to help others. It gives a sense of satisfaction just to know that we have made a difference in someone’s life.

      Students can participate by :

  • making friends with someone
  •  Inviting them to a movie
  • Go to a park or skate park
  • Bike riding together
  • Learn how to ride a hoverboard
  • Be a buddy, instead of a bully
  • Ask if they want to sit with you during lunch
  • Invite them to do things like crafts, swimming or sports
  • Find others to offer your friendship to
  • Make someone smile by making their day
  • Help someone find reasons to live
  • Be a friend that listens without judging
  • Share anti-bullying projects

Pacer developed the initial campaign national bullying prevention week in the response to the need to spread awareness of bullying as it was historically viewed as a childhood rite of passage. It was also believed that bullying “made kids tougher” when the truth is that bullying has devastating effects such as school evidence, loss of self-esteem, increased anxiety, and depression. PACER reaches out to the community through a partnership with education-based organizations such as the National PTA, American Federation of Teachers, and the National Education Association, to provide schools, students, and parents resources on how to respond to bullying behavior and to begin the shift of social acceptance of bullying. Social change of addressing issues through support nationwide press releases through partners and media channels encouraging a call to action to educate the community about the role in bullying prevention which provided the groundwork for the campaign to be consistently recognized as an annual event.

  • Cartoon networks stop bullying, speak up partners, along with the official include someone, make a difference website with materials up to 50 students to encourage exclusive acts of kindness
  • Planet fitness is judgmental, free generation partners to offer students with solutions, an initiative to help creators activity, and engage your students through art, writing, videos, graphic design, and photos.
  • The official choose kindness, acceptance, inclusions.
  • T-Shirts are revealed reaching 10,000
  • Instagram partners to create a new teen poster series bringing to life creative poster ideas from Instagram teen bullying prevention design workshop.
  • The N.B.P.M. poster series is launched (stop bullying.gov)
  • Thursday’s child (operates a 24-hour hotline for endangered children at 1-800-USA-kids)

October National Bullying Prevention Month A Time To Focus And Raise Awareness On Bullying. Many Groups Around The Country Will Release New Sources Campaigns And Efforts Aimed At Bring Awareness To Issues Of Bullying-October 21-27 national bullying awareness week.

The week
of October 19th

  • Include others to join in activities
  • be kind and invite some to sit by you on the bus
  • sit with someone alone at lunchtime get to know someone new
  • there have been times in our lives that we have felt stress, alone, insecure, sacred among many other things that sometimes make us vulnerable to being bullied.
  • How about inviting someone to the movies
  • to skate park teaching them how to skate or to use a hoverboard
  • invite them to other after school activities just hang out and make some fun new videos

The person that is doing the bullying is more than likely screaming for help but no one hears him because all they see is him/ her being mean, this person can use a positive friend someone that they can talk to and will listen to.

Let the change begin

It is never too late to become the person you have always dreamed of being. Let the change begin with us. The times changing so fast, it’s happening right in front of our eyes, and bullying behavior is on the rise. We need our children to become more aware of bullying and what they can do to stop the bullying behavior.  No child should have to endure the pain of bullying behavior from anyone. Therefore let’s make the best October National Anti-Bullying Month ever, by just saying no to bullying behavior, and doing nice things for others, and making friends.

By Miriam

my name is Miriam Mendoza, I live in Bakersfield California I was born in Ogden Utah, February 1958 I am married to Felipe Mendoza

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