Cyber bullying and suicide


Cyberbullying and suicide

Cyberbullying suicides in the US and other countries are alarming. Parents, teachers, and students should learn the dangers of cyberbullying. 

Important that schools shed light on cyberbullying and suicide, who is at risk? and what are the signs to look for if you feel that something may be wrong? The moment you suspect that someone may be in danger, don’t wait to get help.

In recent years, a series of cyber bullying-related suicides in the US and across the globe have drawn attention to the connection between cyberbullying and suicide.

Though too many teens don’t take it seriously. It is a very serious problem that leads to many negative effects on victims, including suicide.

Many teens may not realize that there is also a link between being the one doing the bullying and committing suicide.

Cyberbullying can be more damaging than traditional bullying because there is no escaping it. Some damaging effects can be that the victim starts to avoid friends and activities.

Exactly what the person doing the bullying intended.

Laws passed to combat cyberbullying

Several states in the US and other countries have passed laws to combat cyberbullying.

Many are specially designed to target teens. While others extend to physical bullying or harassment. In cases of adult cyberbullying, these cases start by filing reports with local police.

The laws are different in every area of the state.

Examples of cyber bullying-related suicides

cyberbullying sometimes does so much damage that the person who is being bullied has committed suicide.

Here are some examples in which cyberbullying has been linked to the suicide of a teenager.

  • Holly Grojan committed suicide, she jumped off a 30-foot bridge Gin Gloucester in the UK.
  • The suicide of Megan Meier is also an example that led to a conviction of an adult perpetrator of attacks.
  • It was stated that Holly committed suicide When her schoolmates posted several hateful messages on her Facebook page.

“(according to Lucille Russell, director of campaigns, policy, and participation at mental health charity. Young minds, young people who suffer from mental disorders are vulnerable to cyberbullying as they are unable to shrug it off) “when people say nasty things healthy people can filter that out they can put a block between that and their self-esteem, but mental unwell people don’t have the strength to separate it and so it gets compiled with everything else. To them,it becomes the absolute truth. There’s no filter, there’s no block that person will take that on. Take it as a fact.”

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Statistics on cyberbullying and suicide:

  •  Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about-face 4,900 deaths per year, according to the CDC
  • For every suicide among young people, there are at least 300 suicide attempts.
  • Over 16 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 9 percent have attempted it.
  • Cyberbullying victims are between 4 to 12 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by the University of Yale
  • young people are related to cyberbullying
  • 11 to 17-year-old girls may be at even higher risk for suicide, according to the study above
  • According to statistics reported by world News, nearly 42 percent of students are either the ones doing the cyberbullying or are the ones that Cyberbullying is being done to
  • 180,000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of the threats from cyberbullying.
  • Bullying-related suicide can be connected to any type of bullying, including physical bullying cyberbullying, verbal bullying

Some schools or regions have more serious problems with cyberbullying and suicide.

This may be due to an excessive problem with bullying at the school. It could also be related to the tendency of students who are exposed to suicide to consider suicide themselves.

Some warning signs of suicide can include

  • Showing signs of depression
  • like ongoing sadness
  • withdrawal from others
  • losing interest in favorite activities
  • trouble sleeping or eating
  • Talking about or showing an interest in death or dying
  • Engaging in dangerous or harmful activities
  • including reckless behavior
  • substance abuse
  • self-injury
  • Giving away favorite possessions 
  • saying goodbye to people
  • Saying or expressing that they can’t handle things anymore
  • Making comments that things would be better without them

If a person is displaying these symptoms, talk to them about your concerns, and get them help right away, such as from a counselor, doctor, or in the emergency room.

In some cases, it may not be obvious that a teen is thinking about suicide, such as when the suicide seems to be triggered by a particularly bad episode of bullying.

In several cases where bullying victims killed themselves, bullies had told the teen that he or she should kill him or herself or that the world would be better without them.

Others who hear these types of statements should be quick to stop them and explain to the victim that the bully is wrong.

Ways to help people who may be thinking of suicide include:

  • Take all talk or threats of suicide seriously.
  • Don’t tell the person they are wrong or that they have a lot to live for. Instead, get them immediate medical help.
  • Keep weapons and medications away from anyone who is at risk for suicide. Get these items out of the house or at least securely locked up.
  • Parents should encourage their teens to talk about bullying that takes place

It may be embarrassing for kids to admit they are the victims of bullying, and most kids don’t want to admit they have been involved in bullying. Tell victims that it’s not their fault that they are being bullied and show them love and support. Get professional help if the bullying is serious.

  • It is a good idea for parents to insist on being included in their children’s friends on social networking sites so they can see if someone has posted mean messages about them online. Text messages may be more difficult to know about, so parents should try to keep open communications with their children about bullying.
  • Parents who see a serious bullying problem should talk to school authorities about it, and perhaps arrange a meeting with the bully’s parents. More states are implementing laws against bullying, and recent lawsuits against schools and criminal charges against bullies show that there are legal avenues to take to deal with bullies. If school authorities don’t help with an ongoing bullying problem, local police or attorneys may be able to.

People who are thinking about suicide should talk to someone right away or go to an emergency room. They can also call a free suicide hotline, such as 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Friends and relatives of suicide victims also need to find someone to talk to as they grieve, especially if they are suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts themselves.

Awareness of cyber-bullying

cyber-bullying is on the rise. It has grown especially among teenagers.

As digital technology has expanded, cyber-bullying has advanced.

Cyber-bullying is when a person most likely a teenager bullies or harasses others on the internet, especially social media.

Bullying behavior can be harmful and can include:

  • posting threats,
  • rumors,
  • sexual remarks,
  • posting personal information,
  • labeling,
  • hate talk e.i. other things.

Bullying can be identified as repeating behavior intending to harm someone.

The one that is the victim of cyberbullying can experience low self-esteem, have increased suicidal thoughts on a variety of emotional responses like being:

  • scared,
  • frustrated,
  • depressed, 
  • angry this could lead them to commit suicide.

Awareness has grown in the united states due in part to high profile cases. Several states in the U.S. and other countries have passed laws to combat cyberbullying.

Many are specially designed to target teens. While others extend to physical bullying or harassment.

In cases of adult cyberbullying, these cases start by filing reports first with local police. The laws differ in different areas of the states.

Research has demonstrated several serious consequences of cyber-bullying.

cyberbullying is to blame for 6% of suicide bullying. The reasons being

  • kids are afraid because most of the time they don’t know who is doing this to them or why.
  • They are afraid to go out of their homes because of the threats they receive.
  • They are depressed and depression is hard to handle.
  • Unable to stop it because they can’t say who is doing it
  • it’s an all-around bad situation that no one deserves to go through.

Internet trolling

another form of online bullying is internet trolling, which takes place in online communities such as online gaming and/or social media sites for self-amusement, to get a reaction, or just for disruption.


another form of bullying is cyberstalking. Electronic communication is used to stalk someone. This can pose a credible threat to someone.

Not all interaction online or social media can be attributed to social bullying research suggests interaction online can also result in Peer pressure impact on those involved.

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Sources: suicide prevention


By Miriam

my name is Miriam Mendoza, I live in Bakersfield California I was born in Ogden Utah, February 1958 I am married to Felipe Mendoza


  1. There has been a huge rise in this over the past couple of decades. The worst thing about it is people become victims even in their own homes. Social media gives access to people at any time of day.

    Parents need to be careful in today’s world. Do you know about parent monitoring for social media sites?

    1. Sorry no I don’t know about parent monitoring for social media i am going to look into it.
      thank you for mentioning that to me

  2. The internet has many blessings, but also some disadvantages. Cyber bullying being one of them. At times I am glad I don’t have a child in the school-going age, but my grandchildren are growing up and soon can be in a position where they can either be the bully or being bullied. I am horrified thinking about it.
    It’s good the internet is also a source of information. So thanks for your article!

    1. thank you Hannie for your comment. I do agree with you about the internet is a blessing. and sure thing the disadvantages are really scary to think about with our grandchildren. it was not cyberbullying but bullying at school that was happening to my granddaughter the reason for me doing this website.
      I really wish you all the best and your grandchildren stay safe.

  3. Hello Miriam,
    You touch on a subject here that is of growing concern. Today it is even more important than ever that people have an online experience that is secure and free from bullying on-line that is equal to the zero tolerance, face to face. It is tragic for families to lose a loved one due to cyber bullying. I personally experienced some online bullying and threats earlier this year. It was a horrible experience. I involved the police and it was reported to Interpol. We were able to obtain their computer addresses. The fact that suicide is the third leading cause of death in the US is awful. Is there anything that can be done technically to help reduce cyber bullying? Is there something that any institutions can do to persuade popular social media apps to run a campaign, highlighting the awful impact of cyber bullying? Thank you for this post which is I think an important contribution to this terrible activity.

    1. thank you, Trevor, for your comment, it means a great deal to me that I am reaching out to help people become aware of what bullying is causing others. I can’t comprehend how a person can be so cruel to another person so much as to cause someone to take their life. that is not cool and if a person that bullies others think they are cool or are trying to be the center of attention that is not the way. That is a self-centered person. I was bullied as a child not only at school but at home too. I left home the first time when I was ten. I was physically, mentally, and sexually abused at home. thank God I am alive today. I tried a couple of times to take my life, but it didn’t happen God’s plan was different and I believe that I am doing what I was meant to do. I feel that if you have lived through it, it’s easier to communicate about it.

  4. Hi,

    Cyber bullying has become a real problem. Especially with the introduction of social media.
    I remember the days when the bullying ended at the school gates and for those who endured it, could relax when the bell rang as they were going home away from the noise. Now it’s relentless and never stops.

    It’s good to know there’s sites out there such as this to raise awareness and let people know there’s places to turn if they need to.

    Great stuff. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you LJKudos,
      Im just trying to spread awareness on the problem and hopefully, parents will speak to their children and know the signs to look for if they suspect anything because most of the time kids are afraid to tell someone because of the threats made to them. But having the lines of communication open at all times and letting their children know that no matter what is going on they need to tell the parents and that they will always be protected.

  5. Cyberbullying has become quite a thing nowadays. It is great that you have laid out the signs which parents can look out for.
    My daughter actually has a girl in her class who is quite a bully. This girl is always causing fights with others, the thing which concerns me is that this girl gets physical with everyone her temper just blows up. Her parents have been called in and questioned and apparently she goes to counselling too but nothing seems to help. Situations like this can be quite disturbing.
    Your article lays out all the signs parents should look for, it is unfortunate to know children under pressure result in taking their life.

    1. Thank you Kay,
      I personally know 2 kids that took their live because of being bullied. It’s not a joke and the kids that cause this seem to not even care what they are doing to the next child or person. They go on after they have told them they should just kill themselves no one likes them or will miss them anyway. It is heartbreaking. Especially if they have some sort mental issues everything said to them becomes a reality after a while. I would like it if kids that didn’t like other kids just stay away from them don’t harm them. If the tables were turned I’m sure they wouldn’t like it.

  6. Social Media can be once of the worse ways for bullying, children don’t even realise the pain they cause when doing this. I think that parents need to be aware of what goes on in their child life.
    My daughter was telling me how some friends create more than 1 social media account. I think parents need to look into that and keep an eye out.
    Your tips and signs to look out are very useful. I will be sharing your most on my social media so others can be aware too.

    1. Thank you so much Kay for your comment and helping me spread this information. Bullying really hurts I was once a little girl that got bullied and the pain and inner scars it left have lasted a lifetime. Not to long ago I found out that my granddaughter was being bullied and those memories came rushing back. Only because she told me she didn’t want to go to school. I asked her why and she told me a bigger boy hits her it took everything I had for me not to rush into that school and find this boy and I don’t know what would have happened. I most likely would have scared him straight. By speaking a little loud. I made the right choice by leaving and letting my daughter handle it. I pulled myself together took my baby home and called her mother at work. My daughter had already complained about him. But she left work and went to the school. The boy was suspended he was in the 3rd grade my grand daughter was in the 1st grade. It really breaks my heart when I picture in my mind a boy or a girl standing against a wall covering their face not to get hit. That will bring me to tears. I’m so glad that you decided to share this and spread awareness on bullying.

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