October, National Anti Bullying Awareness Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month! Schools and organizations across the country observe October as National Bully Month School and organizations join “stomp” during National bully month the goal is to encourage schools and organizations and communities to work together on stopping bullying and cyberbullying and putting an end to racism and hatred by increasing … Read more

Cyber bullying and suicide

Cyberbullying and suicide Cyberbullying suicides in the US and other countries are alarming. Parents, teachers, and students should learn the dangers of cyberbullying.  Important that schools shed light on cyberbullying and suicide, who is at risk? and what are the signs to look for if you feel that something may be wrong? The moment you … Read more

The effects of labeling children

                           Effects of labeling children The effect of labeling children can be very destructive. Labeling children because of their behavior, labels such as stupid, bully, failure, you’re bad, ugly amongst other labels. All through the day kids are involved in all types of … Read more

Long term bullying effects

Long term bullying effects When it comes to, long-term bullying effects, they can be devastating..the effects can follow the bullied child, the bully, and even the witnesses into adulthood. It can affect the people they come in contact with later in life. Bullying can hurt everyone, those that are being bullied, those that are doing … Read more

Parents that are bullies

As far as I am concerned, parents that are bullies are very controlling, overbearing, and abusive. These parents involve themselves in mental, physical, and even cyberbullying. This article will help define what a bully is. Mental and emotional bullying and cyberbullying. As well as some tips to help deal with bullying parents. Parents that are … Read more

What is a bully

What is a bully Bully behavior hurts others aggressively. He/ she is controlling they can hurt you in many ways. Children that bullies are scared, crying out for help. They may be being bullied by someone else, they feel alone like no one cares about them, they seek attention. What is a bully, it is … Read more

Stop bullying-Bullying Hurts

Bullies hurt-stop bullying to stop bullying and keep our kids safe we need to recognize the signs that something is wrong, most of the time bullies threaten their victims that is scary for kids, therefore kids tend to be afraid of what will happen if they tell someone so they keep quiet holding it all … Read more

Stop bullying in school

How to stop bullying at school, what can parents do

If your child is being bullied at school, contact the school. The school should be the first point of contact. It is very important for the parent and the school to work on the problem together

schools have the responsibility to manage and prevent bullying in school and to provide a safe place for our children to learn.

It is important that you make an appointment with the school( don’t just show up) making an appointment will get you time for a conference.

Things you can do when scheduling an appointment

1. Explain to staff what you need to discuss focusing on what is happening to your child.

2. Work with their teacher, the person that knows your child best.

3. Write down everything that has/is happening to your child, dates and times, and any witnesses you may know about. (Remember you may not know everything that happened yet or any of the facts.)

4. Be clear about what you think that a good outcome should be for your child and think about the steps that should be taken to help your child get there.

5. Find out what the guidelines are for your child school on bullying. (The anti-bullying policy should be on the school website.

6. Be aware that the school can do so much, be realistic.

7. Be respectful and stay calm don’t get aggressive with the other parents or staff,( You have all the right to be upset) it really is natural to feel frustrated distressed and angry.

8. If you have a past history with bullying yourself, try discussing this with a counselor or a friend you can trust, first, before going to your appointment, this could help you stay calm.

NCab.org/bullying advice

for more advice on stopping the bullying at school.

Bullying hurts and kills innocent people

look for signs that your child may be having problems at school.

Speak to your child and let them know if they are being bullied at school for them to find someone they feel comfortable and trust to tell that they are being bullied, let them know that what is happening is not their fault and not to be afraid to tell someone, let them know that they will be protected.