Stop Bullying-my Story

Bullied by my mother There were not many days when my mom didn’t hit me. I was bullied by my mother for years. The days she didn’t hit were verbal. She would say ugly things to hurt me. Whatever she was trying to accomplish by treating me the way she did, I wouldn’t know. It… Continue reading Stop Bullying-my Story


Stop Bullying This is My Story

Stop Bullying-This is my story part1 Stop bullying, look for the signs, that something is wrong. When bullying occurs, the person the bullying is happening to is vulnerable and afraid to tell anyone this is because of the threats they get. Threats are scary and dangerous. Kids that have been victimized by bullying behavior feel… Continue reading Stop Bullying This is My Story


October, National Anti Bullying Awareness Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month!   Schools and organizations across the country observe October as National Bully Month Schools and organizations join “stomp” during National bully month the goal is to encourage schools and organizations and communities to work together on stopping bullying and cyberbullying and putting an end to racism and hatred by increasing… Continue reading October, National Anti Bullying Awareness Month