Long term bullying effects

When it comes to, long term bullying effects, they can be devastating..the effects can follow the bullied child, the bully and even the witnesses into adulthood. It can affect the people they come in contact with later in life. Bullying can hurt everyone, those that are being bullied, those that are doing the bullying and … Read more Long term bullying effects

Parents that are bullies/leaving lasting effects

As far as I am concerned, parents that are bullies are very controlling, overbearing and abusive. These parents involve themselves in mental, physical and even cyber bullying. This article will help define what a bully is. Mental and emotional bullying and cyber bullying. As well as some tips to help deal with bullying parents. Parents … Read more Parents that are bullies/leaving lasting effects

what is the definition of bullying- lasting effects of bullying

Bullying is the process of intimidating or mistreating someone weaker or in a more vulnerable situation. the intentional tormenting in physical, verbal or psychological ways’. It ranges anywhere from hitting, shoving, name-calling and mocking to extorting money and personal possessions. Its being mean and ugly to others on purpose, bullies know what they are doing, … Read more what is the definition of bullying- lasting effects of bullying

About me

hello, this is about me, my name is Miriam, I love children and it breaks my heart to know that someone is bullying them. I’m on a mission to help stop bullying by raising awareness. let’s work together as parents,  adults and as a community, to keep the children safe at school.

As a child I was bullied. Therefore I know firsthand what it feels like . Not only was I bullied at schiool. I was bullied by my mom, my step father and my brother.

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